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Hello! I'm Marta

I had to quit gluten 10 years ago and since then I started baking better bread and pizza than the store-bought ones.

It took me years to test different recipes, flours and cooking methods. Now I bake perfect bread every time, and I want to share secrets of the gluten-free baking world with you.

Discover here my video course for gluten-free baking and come bake with me!

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What you will learn to bake inside the gluten-free bread baking course:

Baguette (GF+DF) recipe

Sandwich bread recipe (GD+DF)

Gluten-free dinner rolls

Dinner Rolls (GF + VEGAN)


3 more video lessons included in the bundle for free! See the details here on the side.

Introduction to GF flours

First, we will discover how many gluten-free flours exist, what they are most suitable for and the ones that work best in bread recipes. 

Quick breads

And finally, we will see how to prepare quick types of bread when there's no time. With these recipes you will be able to make bread in under 1 hour.

Tired of paying a lot for store-bought bread?

Store-bought gluten-free bread loafs cost at least double of the price of a regular one.

And they don’t even taste good! They are either too dry, or too dense. And more important, they have this loooong list of ingredients, including always gums, eggs, chemicals needed to keep the bread soft and that holds together.

I quickly understood that making my own homemade bread was the only solution. I tried a few commercial blends (mix of flours, starch and gums). But again the list of ingredients was quite long, and they were also very expensive. So I develop my own bread recipes: sourdough bread, yeasted bread, yeast free bread. And all of this with only naturally gluten-free flours (rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, psyllium husks...) Now I want you to master this secrets, too.

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